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G.H. Hardy once said – “Mathematics is not a contemplative but creative subject.” And there is some truth to this statement.

Mathematics is a science in itself used to understand spatial relationships. This numerical science branches out in three prominent fields – geometry and topology, algebra and arithmetic, and analysis.

Mathematics forms a fundamental part of human logic and thought and serves as an essential component in understanding ourselves and other aspects of the world. Therefore, mathematics forms the core of almost every science, art, economy, technology, and even philosophical idea that has shaped our present reality. The least mathematics can do is quantify ‘anything’ and make an abstract value more logical. That is why mathematics is an integral part of the human culture and major international universities worldwide include it in their academic curriculum.

Study in Canada

Mathematics as an integral part of the study curriculum in Canada

Canadian universities exercise a certain requirement for mathematics in their study curriculum. Almost 64 prestigious institutions in Canada offer 330 courses in mathematics. This is because mathematics is a part of numerous subjects like applied and pure science, applied maths and statistics, computational cybernetics, cryptography, etc. Mathematical literacy is also essential for basic computational skills, spatial ability, quantitative reasoning, etc.

Therefore, mathematics is intertwined in most subjects in Canadian universities and requires students to understand the fundamentals of maths. Therefore, foundational mathematics is one of the key subjects in vocational courses like nursing. Some nursing degree programs even require coursework in algebra, statistics, and probability. However, for candidates who have passed the 12th grade without Maths, it is also possible to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Canadian universities. Such courses have a foundational 1-year course in maths and are applicable for B.Sc. in Business Administration, Diploma in Business - Entrepreneurship and Management, Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – Marketing, Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management, etc.

This enables students from different streams to learn basic mathematics along with their applications in their specific field of interest.

Curriculum for Math majors in Canada

As for candidates seeking master’s degree programs in Canada, the country offers a full 2-year course on theoretical as well as analytical aspects of advanced Mathematics with degree titles like MS, MA, and MSc. Prospective math graduates can opt from 15 universities that offer master’s in mathematics in Canada.

Study in Canada

These degree courses are a great way to enhance the students’ academic portfolio for higher studies or for seeking prestigious opportunities in the field of research. Most of the research work applies to different critical fields including geostatistics, signal processing, computer network design, radar design, molecular and cellular mechanisms of toxicity, electromagnetics, microwave measurement analysis, and physical simulations.

Overall, Canadian universities have designed mathematics as an important subject to be integrated into their academic curriculum based on their applicative relevance. This move has attracted many foreign students to join specialization courses that are niche and have high relevance in the commercial and research markets worldwide.

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