All you need to know about studying in Canada

All you need to know about studying in Canada

Studying abroad can be an exciting phase in your life. But such an endeavor requires planning, a bit of how the country works, and general information about the university, standard of living, living accommodations, and a lot of other important stuff.

Canada has some of the prestigious colleges in the world and is an international destination for students to pursue their studies. Studying in Canada does have its perks – lucrative job offers, better pay, a higher standard of living to mention a few. 

If you choose to study in Canada, then here some important things that you must know before you leave your home country. These tips and bits of info come in handy during your stay there and help you plan your stay better.

All you need to know about studying in Canada

Choosing the best university 

Canada has a number of colleges and universities that are funded publicly and fully accredited by known regulatory bodies. This means the students have a high chance of procuring an illustrious job after their studies as many universities and colleges have placement facilities. Innvictis Edutech can help and makes this process easy for a student as we provide comprehensive information about each university, course, and living conditions abroad.

Acceptance Rate is high for Canada

Canada is one of those countries where there is a huge number of study courses and easy entry requirements, one being as basic as a high school diploma for instance. Other requirements include excellent communication skills in English, clearing entry-level exams for vocational courses like medicine, engineering, and law, etc. Compared to other countries, Canadian universities have an encouraging approach towards international students with high acceptance possibilities.  

Canada is affordable for students

Next comes your budget, accommodation, food, and other expenses, which seems substantially high if you choose to study abroad. However, Canada is affordable as the government and universities have affordable fee structure and scholarship programs for bright candidates. Compared to the US, Australia, and the UK, the tuition fees and accommodation is cheaper and that makes Canada one of the most sought out locations in the world by students. 

Apply for Study Visa

Although a study permit is not necessary for short-term courses of six months or less in Canada, a student must have a study visa for a course lasting more than six months. This visa recognizes the students’ study program, their legal presence in the country, information about the university enrolled in, etc. One can apply for a temporary residence permit depending on their nationality along with a study visa.

However, the following are mandatory for all students:

  • The acceptance letter/ approval from the Canadian educational institution or university

  • Must satisfy specified health requirements

  • Must enclose details of tuition fees, living expenses, travel insurance, and monetary support to return to their home country, to demonstrate your eligibility to study abroad

    All you need to know about studying in Canada

    Availability of scholarships  

    Canadian Universities recognize scholarship programs from many countries, which can help students reduce their tuition fees, and also provides other financial facilities. This often comes as a boon to many financially underprivileged students as they can afford to go abroad to study and experience the culture as well as living options.

    Accommodations are cheaper

     Depending upon the location you choose, cheap accommodations are available for students. A maximum of 800 CAD per month approximately, is sufficient for staying within the city; if a student chooses a dormitory, then the cost reduces further. The same facilities cost approximately around $1200-1500 in the US. This makes it easy for students to choose their living situation according to their budget in Canada.

    Working while studying is acceptable in Canada

    Students who wish to work along with their studies can opt for 20 hours of paid prospects in Canada. The job does require a student visa/ study permit to qualify for such an endeavor. Apart from the study permit, the student also has to adhere to the study program rules, which can dictate the amount of time you can work for a week. For instance, certain study-intensive courses make only allow a student to work for 10 hours instead of the standard 20 hours as the course may require many hours of schoolwork from the student. This rule of a curriculum (as mentioned by the study program for each instance) also applies to students participating in grant studies or university work that provides them a stipend.

    Know the two official languages of Canada

    Canada has two official languages – French and English. Although most people speak English, knowing a bit of French would be convenient. This depends on your area of residence; for instance, the people in Quebec province use French as their primary language compared to parts of Canada. It is not mandatory to know French but a basic understanding proves beneficial.

    All you need to know about studying in Canada


    Canada predominantly is a country with cold weather. Information about your regional accommodation must include the weather conditions to enable a student to prepare for the cold situation and health conditions that may aggravate during the cold weather. Apart from this, a student is also expected to know about the local weather conditions in case of snow and other natural aspects to plan transportation in the winter months. Commuting can be a bit tiresome due to delay in transport during rough weather and the student must be prepared alternatively in such scenarios for reaching their college/school in time.


    Canada is a progressive country, modern in its outlook and founded on strong values. They openly welcome foreign students and also provide better job opportunities along with a good standard of living. This multiculturalism provides a sense of acceptance for expiates and foreign students as the bonding becomes easier with such a secular approach.

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