Your Gateway to Study Abroad

Your gateway to study abroad

Dreaming of studying your favorite course abroad?

Want to experience the life of a student abroad?

If such questions plague your mind, then – Welcome to Innvictis Edutech

Innvictis Edutech is an institution of expert consultants meant for young students who aspire to study abroad in their chosen vocation. With our reach to nearly 35 countries that includes 800 universities offering nearly 30,000 courses to choose from, we help you choose the best university of your liking in the country you want.

Your gateway to study abroad

Who we are and What do we do?

As there are many countries offering various opportunities to study and establish yourself as a global student, it is often overwhelming to choose the right university that not only matches your requirements but also fits your finances in the long run. Apart from choosing a university or a country, students often need guidance about different pre-qualification criteria(s) mentioned by different countries. Overall, the process of studying abroad can be perplexing, if there is a lack of proper guidance from experienced professionals who understands the hurdles of seeking education abroad. This is exactly where we come in – to fill the gaps with relevant information, take away your hassles, and ease your process of transition from India to any chosen country of your choice for studies.

In other words, as consultants, we enable students to choose the branch of study that they can pursue abroad with effective guidance, right from curriculum details to the type of accommodation and the necessary information about the country and its etiquette. With a team of highly experienced professional and experts from various fields, Innvictis Edutech is committed to leading a student in the right direction to enable them a future of their calling.

Your gateway to study abroad

How do we do it?

Innvictis Edutech is the first rung of your ladder towards studying abroad. Here’s how:

Say YES to our FREE Career Counseling

The first step is to visit us at any of offices in Noida, Amritsar or Surat for a one-on-one free counseling. Although we are comfortable with walk-ins, you can schedule a meeting via an email or a phone call, which gives us ample time to accommodate you. During our counseling, we address the following issues:
  • Selecting the best school/college/university for you
  • Discussion about coaching for IELTS, TOFEL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc.
  • Documentation and application assistance
  • Details about education loans, if required
  • Explaining the visa application process, scholarships application process, travel assistance, accommodation selections, etc. in detail
  • Details on boarding accommodations for children looking for school abroad

Your gateway to study abroad

In our counseling session, we try to provide the complete overview about the entire process; right from selecting the university you like, to coaching to travel accommodations. Apart from this, we also provide you the overall budgetary requirements with the best savings possible. We aim to resolve any concerns from parents and help ease their apprehensions about safe stay for their children, food and essential items during the study period.

Attend our Professional Coaching for competitive exams

Innvictis Edutech provides coaching for exams like IELTS, TOFEL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. that are preliminary requirements for many universities. With our highly qualified team, we try to provide the best education to the students that will ensure their success along with quality study/reading material.

Know how to apply to Medical and Engineering colleges with Innvictis Edutech

Application to medical and engineering college (vocational courses) requires a great deal of preparation. At Innvictis Edutech, we provide the entire landscape view about pursuing MBBS, Pharmacy, physiotherapy, etc. abroad for medical students. The same applies for engineering students, with relevant information of about universities, their qualifying criteria, scholarships, etc.

Your gateway to study abroad

Why to choose Innvictis Edutech

With highly qualified professionals from different fields and over 25 years of proven excellence, Innvictis Edutech is an institution of professionals who are not only reputed consultants and teachers but also parents who have lived/studied abroad. Here we understand that a student who approaches us is aspiring for a bright future through education abroad. However, we intend to provide a bit more that adds value to their experience in shaping their future by lighting their path with proper guidance towards their goal. We wish the best for your future and look forward to serve you with all our earnest support.